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About this event

Swept into the wind, four young adventurers abandon their sticks and bricks and embark into the lifestyle of a nomad. All Who Wander celebrates the frontier of the open road, exploring the spirit of nomads as they travel, problem solve, fight, love, and uncover the secrets to unlocking their fullest potential. Every new adventure leads them to a community they could have never imagined discovering. The film interviews over 20 unique nomads from all different backgrounds: single women and their dogs, school bus families, old timers, young loves, and adventurers from many unique cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Our audience gets a first hand look at all of the different ways to approach this lifestyle, and no choice is the perfect for everyone. All Who Wander imagines humanity at its nomadic roots: caring for one another like a tribe, living sustainably with nature, and learning to be more than you thought yourself capable of.