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Your Appleton Dining Guide

Where is Vince Lombardi's Steakhouse located?

Vince Lombardi's Steakhouse is within the Hilton Appleton Paper Valley Hotel at 333 W. College Ave., Appleton, WI.

Is there free parking available at Vince Lombardi's Steakhouse?

No, Vince Lombardi's Steakhouse does not offer free parking. However, parking options are available downtown or on the red ramp on Superior St., which is adjacent to the hotel and accessible on the third floor.

Does Vince Lombardi's Steakhouse sell gift cards?

We offer gift certificates.

Does Vince Lombardi's Steakhouse offer private dining?

Yes, Vince Lombardi's Steakhouse does offer private dining options. They provide the opportunity to host private events or gatherings in a more exclusive setting, making it a great choice for special occasions or business gatherings.

Are there vegetarian options available at Vince Lombardi's Steakhouse?

Certainly, we recommend asking your server for assistance before placing your order.

Can I get gluten-free options at Vince Lombardi's Steakhouse?

Yes, please inquire with the server before placing your order.

Does Vince Lombardi's Steakhouse provide delivery service?

No, we do not offer food delivery services.

Does Vince Lombardi's Steakhouse offer take-out?

Yes, you can enjoy a take-out and relish your meal in the comfort of your home.